Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First post

Great. We made it. The LOGOS blog is officially launched NOW.

There are so many educational and learning blogs, but none deals with ubiquitous learning. As the partners of the LOGOS project run a 3 year long collaboration on this topic, we decided to strive for discussion, feedback, co-operation on this issue and invite experts and non-experts to tip-toe around or dive into discussions related to this.

So what does ubiquity add to learning experience? ICT development in this field is rapidly evolving. The challenge lies in adopting the possibilities of technology for learning. A possible way, according to the LOGOS team is technology developed for personalised learning. The LOGOS team of researchers and pracittioners work on a unified platform for e-learning services that can be delivered on mobile phones, PDAs, digital TV and computers, which automatically takes care of learner profiles to personalise the learning experience, and leaves you free to develop courses based on a wide array of learning materials available in the repository.

Our project takes advantage of the interest in mobile devices for learning, offering flexible anytime anywhere access to learning materials, and combines this with both eLearning (via Internet PC) and tLearning, exploiting the possibilities of digital interactive television. This will mean that broadcasters, content creators and service providers can reach wider audiences and also that potential learners, including those who are not traditionally consumers of learning materials, can access courseware in the ways most convenient to them.

Blended learning has been a safe side for educationalists to meet halfway between face-to-face and distance education. We also organise face-to-face events: the next one is the 2nd LOGOS Open Workshop. Bloggers and readers are welcome to join!